Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monthly Update

Well, since I didn't update my blog for a couple of weeks. I am so sorry for people who supported me. I thank you that you still come back and visit my site. This will be a monthly update. Hopefully it will be fun again.

This photo were taken about a week after I last update. This is a sticky rice dessert from SAWADE, Subiaco restaurant. It is so nice and delicious. We were having this dinner to celebrate our restaurant(House of Pasta) of one year anniversary with the bosses.

Before we started, we were waiting for Brenda to arrived. When she arrived, we took a photo of her with Julia( the boss)

Our dinner was on the foundation days, so everyone were jus sitting there to relax and wait for foods. In this dinner, we have Julia, Rodney, Brenda, Terrence, Melissa, Yuri, Michael and me.. OF course..

Before we left, I took a picture of Rodney paying bills for the dinner. Wow, how nice is this boss isn't it?

On one of the Wednesday, me and Alessandra went to the city after our assessment test was done. While we were in the city, we went to Dome to have some foods and drinks.

I have ordered a Rissotto Pumpkin that day, I like them pretty much. I always order this when I go to Dome Cafe.

This is Alessandra. One of my friend from Tafe. She has ordered a large chips with jus water.

Then, I have ordered a ICE COFFEE. It's pretty nice. The cream looks good isn't it?

I know you will think why do I put these Police tags in my blog. Yes, this will be my future. This is my ambition since I was young. Don't believe? Ask my family. I am doing Certificate IV in Legal Study next semester. I know it is not a subject to become a police officer. I do it just to get the certificate to go into a University. It is also very hard to become an Australian Federal Police, I know, and it is my target and I will never give up to do it.

Just in case if I really can't become an Australian Federal Police, this will be my next option. Yes, it is Western Australia Police. I will try to start and work for Western Australia police first then become an Australian Fedral Police.
In the future, When I am successfulm and fit enough, I will be going to work for Tectical response group. I will want to rescue everyone that is in danger or needs help.

This will be my look in the future.

Thanks for people who visit my blog. I wish you all the best and god bless.Peace

Ivan Chai