Friday, August 28, 2009

Freo Trip At Night.

Wow, this is the first time Bianca join us to Freo ride. This is also the first time she has been riding the longest distance(30km++) I am so proud of her. It was me, Trent and Biance.

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Freo- Seafood Market with Family.
There are my dad, sister, brother, Uncle Ho and Terrence.

Freo Trip by cycling and we have French Crepes near timezone. The best Crepes I have ever have.
With Dean(Trek Bontrager), Marti(Giant Crx1), Yorn(Specialized Soft Tail) and Me(Gekko Backtrack)-( Cheapest Bike).

That's the nice crepes we orderes.

Mountain bike training in Chanel Ten hills.
With Trent(Giant Boulder Disk), Biance(Giant) and me(Gekko Backtrack)-(Cheapest but the fastest and best).
In this photo, Trent lost control and hit through the trees.

My bike and Bianca's.Showing off to Trent when his bike Crash.

Evacuation day, Woolworths has a little fire and makes the whole Dianella plaza evacuate.
Hail Storm day.
Look at the picture, this was the strongest hail storm I have ever seen.
Second photo for the hail storm.

Took a picture of a Kangaroo while me and Trent is riding to Chanel Ten's Hill.

Shannon's Insurance Sports car show.
There were so many different kind of sports car were showing of that day. There were so many oldies as well. It was wicked.

Big Foot in front of Morley Holden.
It was about one week before the big foot show.

Nice dog took in city while me and Valerie were shopping.