Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bought A New speed Meter For My Bike

Today, I finished classed at 11.30am. I went to city with some friends after that and they went to KFC and eat. I decided not to eat fast food. So, I went to Ajiran Ramen in stead. It is just beside city KFC.

Photo I took outside of Ajisan Ramen.
This was what I ordered just now. Chicken Rice. After food, I caught 68 bus to go back to home. Then, I went to Greg Stoyle's Cycle before I went for a ride because I wanted to ask him where do he go for sports massage all the times.
Before I went to the massage, I bought this new Giant Speedo. Brand New.
Now I can know that my average speed were 20.0 km/h most of the time.
I did 18.5km today for training. Not enough yet. I need to do at least 200km a week and I only done 18.5km a week. Greg done 500km a week, and he is crazy.

Wow, this was my record of my top speed for today. It was 62.1km/h by my Giant CRX Two.

Well. I'm going to stop writing now. I wish all of you have a nice night and peace be with you all. Thanks for visitng my blog. Peace.

Ivan Chai

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Start Term 2 in Tafe and went To See A Chef In South Perth

Today, I finished class at about 2.00pm. After that, I went to the barrack st Jetty to take the boat to south Perth at 2.45pm.
I walked from Esplanade bus-port to the barrack st Jetty. Then, I took a picture of the new Ferry Wheel. It looks pretty nice. This is only the entrance.
Well, I took a picture of the jetty while I'm waiting for the gate to open, so that we can go in to the boat. This is my first time in a Transperth Boat.

Well, we departured at 2.45pm and arrived in South Perth Jetty at 2.53pm. Only took us 7 minutes. Very fast !!! I thought it tooks ages for this journey. It only took me 60 cents.

This was the front look inside the boat. Everyone was waiting to arrived our destiny.
This was the back look. This sections actually closed. No idea why. I think it is because not much people catch boat.

This was outside view. It was very nice and windy. Under the water, I can see a lot of Jelly Fish were swimming together. There are so many of them. I hate them.

Well, this was the place I went to visit a Chef. A friend of mine (June), he reccomended me to work as an Apprentice in this 5 Star restaurant. It's not open yet. They were cleaning up when I went there this morning. I think I am not going there to work because first of all, is my transports problem, second of all, if I'm working in here. I wouldn't be a Chef anymore. I will be as a kitchen-hand in stead.

After visit them and go, I went back to the jetty at about 3.30pm. and took this picture. As you can see the boat was coming.
While I'm waiting, I took picture of this bird. I don't really know what it call. I just think its looks nice and it actually has big tail and big mouth. It is actually a pretty big bird. I will never ever see this kind of big birds back to Malaysia.

Well, it's my time to stop writing again. I wish all of you will enjoy reading and visit my blog. I wish all of you all the best and peace be with you.

Ivan Chai

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ready To Go Back To TAFE tomorrow

Today, I have to sleep early. Well, I am not going to write anything much today. I just finished work. It was so quite tonight. By the way, I have to wake up tomorrow morning at 6am. I will need to make sure I can. It is because I tried to wake up early this few days but I can't. No reason for them. Today, I have to make sure all the books has already packed. Ready for tomorrow morning to go to TAFE.

Thanks for visiting. Peace.

Ivan Chai

Monday, April 27, 2009

Anzac Public Holiday

Today is Anzac Public holiday. I was in the city to buy a binny hat.

This is the binny hat I bought today.

At night, I try it on. I'm not sure is this how they should wear. Any ideas?
Anyway, after I bought my Binny hat. I went to city to get some food. On the way to food court. I saw this performer. He actually perform in Perth City everyday. Very hardworking guy. He does street dancing performance. He is good. He can do a lot of moves, like moon walk, and good running man.
In this picture, he is moving to front for his performance. He is trying to pick one person to help him as his volunteers.
This is all the people who watch his performance. This is only half of them.
Well, he finally found a volunteer to helps him. By the way, this is actually very tricky. Whoever help him, everyone will laugh at that guy.
This is all I'm going to write tonight. Thank you for friends and family that visit my blog. I wish you all the best. Peace be with you all.
Ivan Chai

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Picnic In East Perth Park

Today, we went to East Perth got Picnic. My cousin( Jonathan) gave me a ride. After he picked me, we went to Subiaco to pick up her Girl-Friend (Belinda). Today is Jonathan's birthday too. On the way, it has a very bad traffic jam.

This was the front look.
And this one was the back look.
WOW!!!. We are lucky, our view for picnic is in front of Burswood Hotel and also Swan River.
After food, everyone have their own conversation. There are three groups, Ladies, Gentleman, and Teenagers. This was the photo for Ladies.
And this was the photo of Gentlemans. I didn't took pictures for Teenagers because there are too much groups of them. Haha..
Well, it time for me to stop my writing now. Hopefully, I will have more things to write for this weeks. Peace.
Ivan Chai

Friday, April 24, 2009

My New HairStyle- Shaved

Today, I went to Dianella shopping center at 3pm because I thought I start work at 4Pm. I went to barber shop today and asked the barber and said :"I want to have a hair cut that is Short and Clean." she told me, well, you can have short hair but you can't make them too short orelse the side hair would not looks good. I asked her:" What if shaved the whole thing? She was shocked when I said that and said: You SERIOUS? She said she will try my side first, so She cut it, and I said, this is what I want. Nice and clean.
Well, this is a Photo of mine I took after I cut it.

This is all I'm going to write today. Thanks for supporting my page and hope to see you again. Peace.

Ivan Chai

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing to Write

Sorry for everyone that always visit my page. These few days, I've stoped writing because I didn't really have photo and things to write from my mind. Eventhough today, I still doesn't have much things to write about. I was working from 11am- 6pm today. Whole body was flat until now. I rested for about an hour on my bed then come out for dinner, and I was still that tired. Well, this few days all I did was working and doing nothing much. Tomorrow, I'm going to work at 4pm- 9pm again. I think I am not going to write that much this week. Maybe starts from next Wednesday or hopefully this Weekends I can think of something and starts doing blog again. I apologize for all the friends that support me in my page and wish you all the best. Peace

Ivan Chai

Monday, April 20, 2009

IL Gelato Ice Cream In the Chinese Restaurant

Today, our family went to a chinese restaurant near Luk Fook in Northbridge. I was shocked when I saw this menu of the ice-cream because House Of Pasta have this as well.
This is Pear, Apple sensation, White truffle and others.
This is Peach Fantasia, and othere that I never see. All of this Ice cream test very good. Made by Gelatino. Eventhough they are fatty, people still loves them.

Well, I need to stop writing now. I'm a bit tired today. Went out with my mom the whole day in Harbor Town. Thanks for visiting my blog. Peace
Ivan Chai

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Australian Idol Perth Audition

Today, I went to the Australian Idol Perth Audition. I didn't got through the first round. The judges told me that I have good voice, but I was to nervours in there. Yes, it is. When I was sitting outside, I didn't felt anything. When I really opened the door and starts speak to the judge, my whole body were shaking and also my voice.

This were the people that compete this audition. It has so many people.A lot of people were camping in that place the yesterday night. I was there from 9am-3pm just to wait for my turn.
This was the first picture I took for the peoples from the audition.
There is Andrew G, he were asking people to cheer up in front of the camera. I might end up in the Television. Everyone took pictures with him but me, cause I forgotten. Damn..
Well, this is some of the new friends I met today. More people than this actually, but most of them were in the audition room that time.
This is also one of the person I met today, her name is Jess. Everyone that I met were all so friendly. We called ourself the Australian Idol's family.

After the audition, some of us went to Cinema and watch Fast and the Furious 4. It was good, but not as good as Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.
Well, I'm going to stop my writing again, thanks for visitng my blog and supporting me. Wish you all the best. Peace.
Ivan Chai

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dianella To Freo

Today, our bike crews starts for another trip to go to Fremantle from Dianella again. It was very fun. We have about 5 people that joined us. We started at 9am and arrvied city about 9.15am. We went to city bike shops to shopping while waiting for Gene.
This photo was took about 11.30am. We've just passed the bike fly over in Kwinana Freeway.
This is the way to Fremantle in Kwinana Freeway
This was the way we came from as well in Kwinana Freeway.
In this picture, you can see that we are actually on the way to Applecross tower.
This was where we stoped for rest and take pictures. RAFFLES, Applecross.
Me and Gene. We were posing in front of Raffles.
Yorn and Gene.
After pictures, we have continued our journey to Fremantle. We came out from Ardross Street.
Well, in this picture, we've arrived in Fremantle. They were resting over the bench while some of the people went to toilet.
We have parked our bike near the Fremantle market.
Me and Gene went to this shop and get Chicken and Mushrooms wrap(Crepe). It is the best wrap I have ever had in Perth.
After food, we gathered together and took some pictures of them. Gene, Yorn, and Yorn's friend.( Forgotten his name)
After that, Gene said:"I'll take a photo of you guys.SMile.." We did smile. Me and Yorn were represented Dianella Cycling Crew.

Today, We have a lot of fun riding in and out today from Dianella to Fremantle. We thought it would be raining but it didn't. No matter how tired everyone are, it is a very good and nice trip.

Well, it's my turn to stop my writing again. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I need to sleep early again today because I am going to Australian Idol Perth Audition tomorrow. Hope I win the first round. Peace.

Ivan Chai

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today, I went to work at 11am-6pm. Wow, I am so tired and freak out. Non-stop working. I was so busy working whole day. I was supposed to go home early but the other mates(Michael and Melissa) have to come late because one of them went to work experience and one of them have to redo their assessment in college.

At night, me, my mom, sister, aunty and uncle went to Happy Meal in Victoria Park for dinner. After that, we went to Makan-Makan to have some Teh Tarik and I ordered one more Roti Plain(Prata or Canai.) I didn't take any pictures for them but I took some pictures of the shop.This is the Menu of the shop.
And then, I took another picture of the shop. This is the baine marine of the shop. It has a Little Television on top of them. In this picture, we can also see there are some decorating bottle.

Well, I'm going to stop my writing again. I will have to go and rest now so that I can wake up early tomorrow to ride to Fremantle with my friends. We are going to ride from Dianella to Fremantle starts from 9am. Hopefully it is not raining. Thanks for visitng my blog. Peace.

Ivan Chai

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Licencing Center, CIty, Morley and Dianella

This morning, I went to licencing Center, Morley to renew my licence. It was about 12.oopm when I got my waiting number.
While waiting, I went out to the front door to get some fresh air. Suddenly, I saw strong winds in front of me like a Tornado blew up leafs. Scared me when I first saw them.

I've took pictures of those leafs but I don't think you will see it from here because the camera wasn't that good.
I was waiting in the licencing center for more than an hour but the number was still C60. Then, I've decided to go with my friend(Michel) as he said he will give me a ride. We went to Officework, City because Michel wants to buy something for his parents' business.
About 2pm, Michel drop me off home and he went to work after that. When I'm home, I went to my bedroom and have 2 hour rest. When I woke up about 5pm, I went to Morley to get my new Sim card for my I-Phone. After that, I went to Crazy Clark, Dianella to buy something for my bike. This is a Multi Purpose oil to service my bike. It only cost me $1+
After that, I bought a 3 in 1 Degreaser to clean my Bike Chain. It only cost me $2+

Well, it's time for me to stop writing again. Thank you for visitng my page/ blog and I wish you all the best. Peace

Ivan Chai