Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Work today and get $5 tips by a customer

Today I went to work again at 11.am- 4pm. in House of Pasta Dianella. Well, I am very happy to work today. There was a young man from Spain came in for food. This customer actually come to our shops a lot. He ordered a Prawn cutlet plater for the other lady he was talking to, and he ordered the Chicken Parmagiana for himself. He said he is very happy with my cooking. So, when he was returning the plates and salt pepppers, he actually said thank you and leave $5 notes on the table for me as a tips. He is the first person that actually give tips to me in this shop. and this is my first time getting tips from customer.. haha.. After this words, there will be photos of my workplace and I will tell you what is it.
This is the tip that I got from the Spanish man.

This is my stove for coking. I alsways keep them clean and organize.
This is where we keep our tools that we used all time. Such as, Pasta, Cutlery, Flour and Wine.
This is where our Dish Washer. It is always clean and Tidy all the time.
In this picture, it is the place for us to get ready. Such as, wash hand, wear our Apron, Chef Hat, disposable glove. It is also for chefs to get preparation for the fridge.
This is a Baine Marie. We used them to keep the temparature of the food we cooked.
This is my pasta that I need during cooking. It is Spaghetti, Fettecine and also Spirals.

After all the prep are done, I start to serve customers. While we starts to be quite, I start to cook pasta for evening shift. I always do my prep for evening chef because I don't want them to rush when they starts to be busy. In this picture on top, I am showing you that I'm cooking Pasta.

I finished at 4pm. for work, I went home after that and starts to do some cleaning. I washed my toilet and bathroom. After that, I played basketball with my brother. We have a nice game and I enjoy that game.

Well, it's my time to stop my conversation here tonight again. I hope you enjoy to read my blog and wish you all the best. Peace.

Ivan chai

Monday, March 30, 2009

No more day lights savings..

Today day light savings end. Yeah!!!! I can sleep more again.. haha.. I woke up at 8.30am today to go to Tafe to hand in my assignment. Arrived at city about 9.30am and catch yellow cat to Tafe. After I have handed in my assignment, I went to city to get some money; after that, I went to eat in Hungry jacks. I have ordered a Chicken Wrap. Yummy.. After food, I went to catch the bus at 10.30am to go back to Dianella to work. I worked from 11am.- 4pm. In this blog today, I will show everyone my Work uniform.

This is the front look of my work uniform.

This is the back of my work uniform.

This is the logo for House Of Pasta.

On the uniform, there is a website for my work. Everyone are also allowed to visit.

After work, I went home and fix my friends old school bike. I forgot to take pictures. haha.. I have to bring his bike's wheels to the shop to fix it. I brought his bike to the nearest bikeshop (Greg Stoyles cycle) to change his tyres and tubes. Well, while waiting for mechanic to do his job. I met a cyclist that just came from Japan several weeks ago. He said he cycling to city everyday. Damn, his bike looks similar as mine. His is Giant CRX IV mine's Giant CRX II. Well, I have asked him to join my crew again. He accepted.

At night, I went to Subway and meet one of our crew members( TRENT). We have dinner there and were sitting there for about 2 hours just for chatting with each others. After that, I have decided to get some food for my brother. While I'm waiting, I met this guy from Philipines, he is one of the qualified chef. He owned a five star's restaurant and he said he is looking for a chef as well. Damn, I gave him my number and wait for his call. I wish I can learn something from him. He used to work for Gordon Ramsay. How awsome huh? If I have the chance, I hope I can work for Gordon Ramsay as well.

Well, it's my time to stop again. I hope everyone enjoy reading my blog tonight. I hope everyone have a good night and sleep tight. Take care. Peace

Ivan Chai

Sunday, March 29, 2009

cycling alone

Today, I went riding in the afternoon. I went with my new bike. It is so good. Fun and fast.
On my ride, I went this massive hill that we rarely go, As I was riding alone, I went to this hill in stead to get my stamina back.

This is one of the view that we can see from the hill. It is very nice and fresh up there. Sometimes, we go to the park down there. Well, I'm not going to write that much tonight. I'm a bit tired. Thanks for viewing and have a good night everyone and sleep tight. Take care

Ivan Chai

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fix Old bike to New Bike

Today, I went to william's (Cousin's Boy friend) house. Before that, I went to Dianella Plaza to sell Terrence's car.A 2006 Toyota Yaris. After that, I decided to go to Will's house to fix his bike with him. The first thing we did were taking out all the parts from the old bike. Then degreased them. In this photo, we've started to respray the bike.
This is all the tools we were using during fixing the bike. A lot of tools huh?
After the frame and fork sprays, we started the rims. It is two of this thick wheels rim. Old and rusty, but we fixed them already. Its black and metalic now.
This is the frame that we have sprayed. It looks nice and clean.
Finally, We fixed the bike. Took us about 2 hours to do them. Side view.
This bike is an old bike. Now, it looks very new and clean after degreased and respray.Today is also Earth hour night. Most of the people turn off their lights at 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Thank you for viewing my blog tonight again. I wish you all the best and have a good night. Peace.
Ivan Chai

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Late for TEST and Perth City Entertainment

Today, I woke up late to college this morning. I woke up at 6am this morning because I set to the wrong time for my alarm. I was supposed to wake up at 6.30am, well, I slept in again. By the time I woke up, I thought I saw the wrong time. It was already 8.30am. Still have half an hour till the assessment starts. I try to find the best bus schedule to go to college. I went to the 887 bus at 9.00am. When I arrived in the city, I catch yellow cat(Free Bus). I saw this driver, he always do this to the bus. As shown in the picture on top. This bus driver always put a teddy bear in front of the camera(CCTV) and put a tag as SMILE for the camera. This driver is a legend huh? Whenever I see this bus and sit on his bus, I always feel happy. On the way to college, I saw a big crash that is a TransPerth bus and also a Truck. Luckily I was late for that bus, if not, I will be the person in the bus. Thank God. But, bad thing is I still be half on hour late for the exam. Luckily, miss nathalie(my Lecturer) she still let me to sit for my exams. It took me half an hour to do them as well..
In the bus, there is this sign here about looking for bus drivers. They always look for at least one in a year. The sign as, RECRUITING NOW!!!! Who are inrested please contact www. sctransit.com.au.... So, who are interesting with driving buses, you have to apply this. I think they have pretty good pay. Most of the people who works in there are more like pensioner or new job.
Not only that, after my class at 2pm. I went to city and eat with my friend. After food, we went to city and go shopping. Murray st and Hay st always have some entertainment and performance. As shown in the picture on top. I took this picture this cow-girl because it is the first time I saw her doing performing. I never see her around city. She can just stay there without moving. How awsome huh? She looks like a robot machine. People who perform are always the person that is fully trained before. Now, they are just like a professional. Damn, it's my time to go to bed again. I hope I can write more things, but I feel really tired this few nights. When I feel better, I will start write more things. Good night and wish you all the best.
Ivan Chai

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My new bike has arrived

My new bike with all my equipments like helmet, bottle holder, the Airforce conference bottle, my bike shoes and my bike.

CRX Two- Light Steel Frame

Carbon Fiber Fork
CRX original sit- Very comfortable
Shimano TIAGRA - 27 Gear
This is all my topic for today. Damn, I supposed to have more things. The worst thing is I didn't bring my camera today to take pictures. Today is actually the day of free uniform days for everyone. All of the bus driver in town drive with their own clothes and not the uniform. It is for fund raising for children in hospital. Well, not only that, I have got my new bike today. It is brand Giant CRX Two. The name is like Honda CRX. Very light and very fast bike. I love it a lot. It is a full road bike. They can also compare with racing bike but it is just 5mm thicker than racing bikes wheel. It has carbon fiber Fork, 27 Shimano Tiagra gear, Teptronic shifter and also good Trektro brakes. There are also some details and picture on top. You can enjoy viewing them and also hope you write some good comment for me. Thanks.
Ivan Chai

Monday, March 23, 2009


This picture was taken on Sunday 22nd of March. That's yesterday. I was thinking of getting these pictures done since yesterday night. When I got back, my body was all end up on bed. Too tired after I ride 30Km non-stop. This picture will be more about me holding my race bike in the morning about 7am in the train station.
Me and Trent were in the train this time in the picture. Red coulour Giant bike will be mine for the competition and Black and white will be Trent's. The red bike is actually Trent's. He lend me his bike just for this race because my bike was stolen and I dont have a choice.Luckily Trent has two bikes.
When we first arrived in the train station. We saw that people starts to move on to the other platform of another train station for todays race. Everyone was excited. They are all the proffesional rider all over the states. This will be my first time in this race. I came here to get some experience.

This is the water tank sponsored by HBF insurance. Everyone fill their water bottle with it. Imagine people who doesn't have a water bottle like me have to wait till the next 10 km's for water. This is when we first arrived in the race place. Everyone is with good condition bikes. Especially the people who were with racing bikes.
About 8pm. Everyone were getting ready to start the race. Damn, I was so panic. Until when we really started, I belted through many riders in front of me.Go faster than the racing bikes.Especially when we passed the northbridge tunnel. I went 52km/h on the flat road. Most of the riders was with Racing, Luckily I was trained to race with mountain bikes. At last, I went Top 100 for the 7000 people race.
After the race, I asked Trent to take picture of me represents Dianella cycling Crew. I was with my black tight and a White long sleeves T-shirt, new helmet from last year's Melbourne trip, and my new sunglasses from last week before the race starts.. I was holding Trent's Giant Boulder Disc. Very very fun bike. ( Riding 52km/h top speed on flat road.
After that, I took picture of Trent represents Dianella Cycling crew. He was wearing both Skins, gloves and his new Helmet. He was riding his new Racing bike( Giant TCR). Thats why the shop dealer( Greg Syoles) always call his nickname as Trent TCR. After these pictures, we were going home and have some lunch in Subway,Dianella after we have changed. Well, thats the end of the story for yesterday. I wont be writing anything about today. Thats, Monday 23rd of march 2009. It is because I don't have anything much to write about today. What I did was buying ice cream and won a MP3 from the Cornetto ice cream pack.I will add some picture about the pack I won in other days. Well, I wish all of you the best and have a great night. Peace

Ivan Chai

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today, I went to city's Bike Hire at 5.15pm with my aunty and sister. Unfortunately, the shop will be closing at 6 and its not worth it to just ride about 30minutes. Damn, I was thinking of lending their bike to have some training before tomorrow's competition. I am so exciting about it, this will be my first time to compete a real cycling competitions. I am going to compete a 30Kilometers riding that is from Belmont park to Joondalup. I bet it will be fun.
After we know that we are too late to ride, we have decided to walk around the swan river. Suddenly, we saw this big bird. I wasn't sure what is this bird called thats why I didnt mention the name. This bird is wicked, Its big, Its cute, and its also strong. When we looked at it, It start to search for fishes,
After that bird, we saw some jellyfish over the river. We was just wondering "why is jelly fish in a river?" We actually found out that the river water is so saulty. Not only these jellyfish, they are just a part of them. We can see tiny little baby jelly fish. They look so cute, but one thing is they stung. Well, I'm going to stop my conversation here tonight. I'm feeling really tired already and then I need more rest for tomorrow. Thanks for reading my blog and have a happy night for all of you.
Ivan Chai

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good and Bad things happen today

Today I went to the city to look for a sunglasses for my race this Sunday. I have bought the nice sun glasses. After I bought my sunglasses, I went browsing in the city.While browsing in the city, I saw this guy jump on his ladder and keep asking people to clap hand for him. Then he did this,

He did a handstand on the ladder and everyone was wondering will he fall down? But he did not, he has very good balance. Damn, I wanna try that if I can.

After he did that, his performance couldnt go any further because his Microphone broke. Damn, so sad, can't finish the whole thing.

Tonght, I worked at 4pm. After I finished, my friend actulally came to my house and fix his bike. That bike is so unlucky. When I asked my friend to take some tools from his bike, he called me and say, my bike has been stolen. I feel so suprise, Damn, who the heck is the person that stole my bike. I love it a lot, I hope my bike will come back for me before this Sunday for the Freeway Bike hike. My bike is the one on the left, Whoever see it, please call me or send me a message. I hope that you can find it for me. Please, it is jus like my Wife. Please give me back.

Orelse, In the future, this is the bike im aiming to get. I need to save some money to buy a better bike. Maybe a racing bike.

This is the bike i'm aiming to buy. It cost a lot. It is Aus$ 25,000. I can buy a car with that price. This is a Trek 6.9 Pro Version racing bike. It is a very very quick bike. I hope I can buy them in the future.
Thanks for reading my blog and hope you have a good times. God bless.

Ivan Chai

19th March 2009

Today, everyone was busy working on their assignment to due today. Luckily I have hand it in. I spend about 5 hours just to do the assignment yesterday night. I'm so lucky that I have done all my assignment and due it when the time is there and I promised my lecture that I will do it. She is so happy that I actually say it and do it. When she got my assignment, she marked it, well, I know I've passed again. Awsome.. Well, for me -

I'm doing some reading and revision. We are going to have a big test next week. Hopefully, I will pass again. If you zoom in, you can see that my picture is all about the work im doing and what course im actually studying. It is all about real estate agent. Not only me,

Clyde(one of the classmate) he sounds like he is English, but he is a kiwi. Well, he is concentrating on his studies as well. When he see me taking pictures, his head staight up to my camera and give me a smile on the camera. He is an awsome guy.
In the 15 minutes break, I have this Pretzul, It is made by my friend for me. He is a German. His name is Michel Betramn. He is my best mate. Nice guy. Well, his parents own a business in William ST, Northbridge, Perth. So, sometimes I asked him to get me some pretzul when he got it.