Monday, March 23, 2009


This picture was taken on Sunday 22nd of March. That's yesterday. I was thinking of getting these pictures done since yesterday night. When I got back, my body was all end up on bed. Too tired after I ride 30Km non-stop. This picture will be more about me holding my race bike in the morning about 7am in the train station.
Me and Trent were in the train this time in the picture. Red coulour Giant bike will be mine for the competition and Black and white will be Trent's. The red bike is actually Trent's. He lend me his bike just for this race because my bike was stolen and I dont have a choice.Luckily Trent has two bikes.
When we first arrived in the train station. We saw that people starts to move on to the other platform of another train station for todays race. Everyone was excited. They are all the proffesional rider all over the states. This will be my first time in this race. I came here to get some experience.

This is the water tank sponsored by HBF insurance. Everyone fill their water bottle with it. Imagine people who doesn't have a water bottle like me have to wait till the next 10 km's for water. This is when we first arrived in the race place. Everyone is with good condition bikes. Especially the people who were with racing bikes.
About 8pm. Everyone were getting ready to start the race. Damn, I was so panic. Until when we really started, I belted through many riders in front of me.Go faster than the racing bikes.Especially when we passed the northbridge tunnel. I went 52km/h on the flat road. Most of the riders was with Racing, Luckily I was trained to race with mountain bikes. At last, I went Top 100 for the 7000 people race.
After the race, I asked Trent to take picture of me represents Dianella cycling Crew. I was with my black tight and a White long sleeves T-shirt, new helmet from last year's Melbourne trip, and my new sunglasses from last week before the race starts.. I was holding Trent's Giant Boulder Disc. Very very fun bike. ( Riding 52km/h top speed on flat road.
After that, I took picture of Trent represents Dianella Cycling crew. He was wearing both Skins, gloves and his new Helmet. He was riding his new Racing bike( Giant TCR). Thats why the shop dealer( Greg Syoles) always call his nickname as Trent TCR. After these pictures, we were going home and have some lunch in Subway,Dianella after we have changed. Well, thats the end of the story for yesterday. I wont be writing anything about today. Thats, Monday 23rd of march 2009. It is because I don't have anything much to write about today. What I did was buying ice cream and won a MP3 from the Cornetto ice cream pack.I will add some picture about the pack I won in other days. Well, I wish all of you the best and have a great night. Peace

Ivan Chai

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  1. Wow! I've never won anything from just buying snacks! You lucky guy =D