Friday, March 20, 2009

Good and Bad things happen today

Today I went to the city to look for a sunglasses for my race this Sunday. I have bought the nice sun glasses. After I bought my sunglasses, I went browsing in the city.While browsing in the city, I saw this guy jump on his ladder and keep asking people to clap hand for him. Then he did this,

He did a handstand on the ladder and everyone was wondering will he fall down? But he did not, he has very good balance. Damn, I wanna try that if I can.

After he did that, his performance couldnt go any further because his Microphone broke. Damn, so sad, can't finish the whole thing.

Tonght, I worked at 4pm. After I finished, my friend actulally came to my house and fix his bike. That bike is so unlucky. When I asked my friend to take some tools from his bike, he called me and say, my bike has been stolen. I feel so suprise, Damn, who the heck is the person that stole my bike. I love it a lot, I hope my bike will come back for me before this Sunday for the Freeway Bike hike. My bike is the one on the left, Whoever see it, please call me or send me a message. I hope that you can find it for me. Please, it is jus like my Wife. Please give me back.

Orelse, In the future, this is the bike im aiming to get. I need to save some money to buy a better bike. Maybe a racing bike.

This is the bike i'm aiming to buy. It cost a lot. It is Aus$ 25,000. I can buy a car with that price. This is a Trek 6.9 Pro Version racing bike. It is a very very quick bike. I hope I can buy them in the future.
Thanks for reading my blog and hope you have a good times. God bless.

Ivan Chai


  1. So... Your bike is like your wife huh... But you're already looking for a new model? ;)

  2. haha.. yeh.. cause if i dont look for one. I wont have a wife anymore.

  3. WHAT!!??? Go buy a lancer better =P

  4. Damn, of course not a lancer. My bike is more important than my bike. Haha.. Im a sports man. I want to safe the environment