Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today, I went to city's Bike Hire at 5.15pm with my aunty and sister. Unfortunately, the shop will be closing at 6 and its not worth it to just ride about 30minutes. Damn, I was thinking of lending their bike to have some training before tomorrow's competition. I am so exciting about it, this will be my first time to compete a real cycling competitions. I am going to compete a 30Kilometers riding that is from Belmont park to Joondalup. I bet it will be fun.
After we know that we are too late to ride, we have decided to walk around the swan river. Suddenly, we saw this big bird. I wasn't sure what is this bird called thats why I didnt mention the name. This bird is wicked, Its big, Its cute, and its also strong. When we looked at it, It start to search for fishes,
After that bird, we saw some jellyfish over the river. We was just wondering "why is jelly fish in a river?" We actually found out that the river water is so saulty. Not only these jellyfish, they are just a part of them. We can see tiny little baby jelly fish. They look so cute, but one thing is they stung. Well, I'm going to stop my conversation here tonight. I'm feeling really tired already and then I need more rest for tomorrow. Thanks for reading my blog and have a happy night for all of you.
Ivan Chai


  1. You're starting bike competitions? I'm thinking of doing a triathlon with some friends in the summer. Need a better bike for it tho :(

  2. haha.. you should aim for the Trek 6.9 Pro version. It very very nice. Thats what i was aiming for. but it cost too much.. haha