Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dinner with families

I didn't really took any pictures at all for our family dinner tonight as I was so tired. But I can show you my pictures that I've took today.
This is our dining room, everyone eat dinner here. There were full of food on the table tonight.
After dinner, all of us sit down in front of the TV and starts to watch "SO You think you can dance, Australia".
Some of us have actually had Cafe with us while watching TV with some snacks.
Guess What is this? haha.. you will know it before I tell you.. Everyone will know what it is.
It's Ferrrero Rocher. My dad bought some Ferrero Rocher just now and we nearly finished them. It is so delicious. unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to have too much as I have blister in my mouth. It's pain and hurts.After that, I started my blog about 10.30p.m. when everyone leaves. Before updating my blog, I've actually cleaned my table as I was busy doing assignment this few nights. I wasn't that good at doing assignment when I was in High School. Since I started Tafe, I really love to do assignment and make sure I hand them in on due dates. One more reason is also because I want to pass my Tafe course and I promised myself that I will never ever failed in my life anymore.

Well, I'm going to stop my writing for tonight. If you have any question you wanna ask. Just send me a message or a comment when you feel free. Thanks for visitng my blog and Happy Palm Sunday to you all. Peace.

Ivan Chai


  1. oooh! So this is a Palm Sunday dinner then? I have a question: What exactly is Tafe?

    I'm happy to hear that you are determined to create good causes to make your life better. Good job! Makes me want to do my best in my upcoming exams too! Keep it up, Ivan =D

  2. haha.. TAFE is an Australian's college. you can go to google and search for TafeWA.. that's the website. haha.. Well.. thanks for your comment anyway. I'm not going to write any blog for tonight as im Ill. thansk for suporting my page.