Tuesday, October 13, 2009

from 2/10 till 9/10

2/10/2009. Me, Dean, Helen, were waiting for Greg Stoyles Cycle's store to wait for Greg Stoyles to right with us that night.
This is where I normally get my bike from. Oh.. he is the best dealer, especially for Giant.
Helen and Dean, we are ready to ride.
That's Greg. Sorry for the blurred pictures.After the ride, me, Dean and Helen went to a sushi shop in Perth
10.4.2009. My workplace(Subway) have a staff meeting. But before we have pizzas and beers, we will have to clean the place.
9/10/2009. Me, Lloyd and Clement went for a ride to have sushi. and then we went swimming in the evening. On that night, me, Lloyd, Clement, Kent, and Amanda went to the city and have some food. Then we go and play games.

Thats all Im gonna talk about today, thansk for visitng. Peace.

Ivan Chai

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