Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Tonight, my sister( Carmen) have made us "Agar-Agar" (Pudding) as desserts. Wow, I haven't eat them for long long time. It's been awhile. This time, she made "Long ngan" (Dragon-Eye) pudding. Everytime when I ssee them, I will want to eat a lot of them. They are too delicious, but we can't eat too much of them. It is too sweet and too fat. I think.
This is a photo I took of the Agar-Agar.

Well, I think I'm going to stop writing here. I'm a bit tired, and I need to go to Tafe tomorrow morning at 7a.m. I am still planning am I going to ride to there or not. It has been cold weather these days. Last Wednesday when I was riding to Tafe, it was only 10'C. Wow. Alright, thanks for visit my blog and I wish you all the best. Peace.
Ivan Chai

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