Friday, May 22, 2009

My Cooking In House Of Pasta

Today, I've cooked Lamb Chop again. But this time, I cooked for my collague and Lady boss. I bought it from the same shops in Dianella Plaza. It is marinated and it's cheap to buy.
This was the Lamb Chop I cooked. One thing about cooking lamb chop is never put oil on the fry pan.

Tonight, instead of showing you my cooking only, I will also show you more about my cooking in House Of Pasta.
This was the first menu I cooked.
Penne Asparagi, Tortelini Roma, Spaghetti Gamberi and also Rissoto Gamberi.
First, this is Spaghetti Gamberi. There prawns, spices and also red sauce.
1. Cook fresh prawns with butter.
2. Make sure prawns are cooked.
3. Add Spices, salt, pepper, pesto, garlic, parsley. 1 tea spoon.
4. Add Napolatena sauce. 2 Scoops. Cook fresh Spaghetti. 30 Second
5. Add Spaghetti in there.
6. Ready to dish up.
Second, this is call Penne Asparagi. There are bacon asparagi and white sauce.
1. Seal fresh Bacon and asparagus with butter.
2. Make sure they look golden colour.
3. Then add Cream. 1 scoop. Cook fresh Penne. 30 Second
4. Make sure Cream are thick enough. add some parmesan cheese to make them thick.
5. Add Penne.
6. Dish up.
Third, this is Tortelini Roma. There are Tortelini beef, chicken dice, mushrooms, and white sauce. Thre are the most popular dish in our Restaurant.
1. Cook Tortelini in the pasta cooker. 3 minutes.
2. Cook chicken in fry pan with butter.
3. Seal them with mushroom.
4. Add cream. 1 Scoop.
5. Make sure cream are thick enough with Parmesan cheese.
6. Add Tortelini.
7. Dish up.
Forth, this is call Risotto Gamberi.
1. Seal Prawns with Butter. ( Make sure they are well cooked)
2. Add Rissoto with 1 scoop of chicken stock and pesto garlic. 1 tea spoon.
3. Add cream sauce. 1 Scoop.
4. Add Spinach.
5. Seal them till the sauces are thick.
6. Dish up.
After the meals, I have served them with a Garlic bread.
This is the Garlic Bread I baked. Put them in the oven for 10-15 minutes with 220' C of temparature.
Well, after serving the foods on top. There was new dockets come through and I have started to cooked them.
This is Rissoto Seafood. It doesn't look so nice because all the seafoods are still under the Rissoto.
1. Seal Marinara Mix with butter.
2. Add Rissoto when Marinara are cooked with 1 scoop of chicken stock.
3. Add pesto and garic. 1 tea spoon.
4. Add one an a half scoop of Napolotena sauce and 3/4 scoop of cream.
5. Make sure sauce are thick with parmesan cheese.
6. Dish up.
This is vegetarian Spaghetti Milan. It comes with egg plant, red capsicum and red sauce.
1. Add 2 scoops of Napolotena sauce.
2. Add salt, pepper, pesto, garlic, and parsley.
3. Add eggplant, red capsicum.
4. Cook spaghetti. 30 sec
5. Make sure sauce are thick then add spaghetti.
6. Dish up.
This is penne con pesce and also Vegetables. Penne con pesce is with seafood.

1. Cook Marinara Mix with butter.

2. Add pesto, garlic, salt, pepper and parsley.

3. Add one an a half of Napolotena sauce with 3/4 laddle cream.

4. Cook fresh Penne. 30 sec

5. Make sure sauce are thick.

6. Add Penne.

7. Dish up.

Well. that is all I am going to write about tonight. I wish everyone of you will try these recipes and also enjoy with them. Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish all of you the best and have a good health. God bless. Peace

Ivan Chai

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