Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Updated

Wow, it has been awhile I didn't updated my blog. I was thinking of updating all pictures after I've taken them everytimes; but I don't have times at all.

On Tuesday night, me, Trent and Bianca went to a ride at 9pm after Bianca finished work. I was there at about 8.30pm to wait Biacna to finished work while waiting for Trent to come in House Of Pasta.

On that night, we went to the massive hill that me and Trent normally go. We just want to show Bianca where we always trained ourself to get fit. Trent says because he wants to brake his top speed records at 67.7km/h. After the ride at about 11pm, we went to House Of Pasta to use the toilet. Then, we decided to have some foods as well. We cooked ourself some Chicken nuggets and also Garlic breads. It was delicious. We went home at about 11.3o pm after eating and drinking there. It was an excited night.
On Wednesday afternoon after Tafe, I went to city and have some lunch. I bought a Bubble tea in Utopia and have Mr Samurai's Fried Chicken for my lunch.
After awhile, my delicious fried chicken has been ready. It was so good.
On the same night, it was also a very excited night. On that night, Trent went to ECU computer Lab works on his assignment from 2pm. Well, I've decided to finish my assignment on that night which is due on the next day. So, I went ECU at 6.30pm by riding after I have my dinner at home. This picture that I took can proof that I was there working assignment with them. At about 10pm, Bianca arrived in ECU to make sure Trent will finish his assignment. So sweet. She went there and watched "Gossip Girl" on her Laptop while taking care of us.. We all finished our assignment at about 12am. All of us packed up at about 12.30am after a little rest and went to the toilet in the other building. ECU are too big, I don't want to walk around alone at night before I got lost.

About 1pm, we arrived Dianella Plaza and stop there for awhile to chat. Then, we went to the CALTEX petrol station in Dianella Plaza to have some Ice-Creams. After about half an hour of chatting and talking, I said good night to them and went straight to home and sleep at 2am.

On Thursday, I woke up at 6.30am to get ready to go to TAFE. We have a in class roleplay assignment due on that day. I think our group have the best performance. Yey.. I wish I can get very high score this time. I will never ever get lost on my studies anymore.

Well, I think that's all I'm going to write for tonight. I wish you all the best and wish to see you again soon. Peace.

Ivan Chai


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    How's your mum now a days? How are you doing?